"A Church Where Miracles Really Do Happen"
2123 Sadau Court
Denton, TX 76205
Pastor Frank Hammonds was born September 7, 1955 in Gary,
Indiana.  Pastor Frank Hammonds was saved, filled with the Holy
Ghost, and called to the ministry at the age of 13 years old. He was
ordained at the age of 25 under the late Bishop W.O Blakely at St.
Home Church of God in Christ.  Pastor Hammonds received his
B.S degree in Business Administration while preaching the word of
God in various cities, and in the days ahead, he shall preach the
word of God to the nations. God is using Pastor Hammonds in the
gifts of healing, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, and miracles.

Pastor Denine Hammonds received Christ at the age of 12.  She
began teaching Sunday school at the age of 14, and God began
dealing with her through dreams, visions, and tongues and
interpretation of tongues at a very young age.  Her calling is to teach
sound doctrine and to prophesy. She has been actively involved in
many facets of the ministry: ministry of helps, soul winning,
finances, secre
tary, intercessor, psalmist, youth leader, teacher,
counselor, and administrator.  She received her masters from Purdue
University and is currently a certified counselor.

Make sure you get a copy of her first published book, "Praying in the Spirit."  
Also, it is available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

Pastors Frank and Denine Hammonds were married

March 14, 1981.  God has blessed them with one daughter,
Towanda Christine Hammonds.  

Miracles Do Happen Ministries is a ministry that has a
to reach lost souls, to establish, strenghten, and build the
body of Christ.  We are a church of prayer, faith,
and deliverance.   We believe that God wants all of the
spiritual gifts flowing in the church services.  We believe
in prophesy, divine healing,
miracles, intercessory prayer,
perfecting the saints, grace, and a special love for the youth.